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Fundamentals of the Charter

The CNEED is a solemn instrument which will give to everyone the fundamental right to live in a healthy and respectful environment of the natural and cultural heritage, seen as a shared common good to the entire nation.

This right is also a call to all persons, natural or legal entities, not to undermine the integrity of the natural environment and its different equilibria, and ensure a rational and responsible use of it to guarantee its sustainability for future generations.

In a sustainable development perspective, the Charter will provide all the core values that are able to guide government action, and ensure a complete promotion of the status that we must give to the environment through a Global Charter.

It’s also a human plan that devotes their initiatives to current and future generations of Morocco.
This battery of measures will be implemented and monitored over several years.

The fundamentals of the Charter of the Environment and Sustainable Development are :

  • Precaution
  • Preventive actions
  • The Polluter pays principle
  • Participation
  • The responsibility for repairing the damages caused to the environment.
  • The integration of the environmental issues in all public policies.