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    The fragility of national natural resources, their rarity in relation to a constantly growing population and their tendency to  rapid degradation, are affecting more and more the quality of life of people and harm the process of economic development and social.

     This situation, combined with changing climatic factors that affect water resources and agriculture, increases on social and economic problems, particularly in rural areas. To meet their basic needs, rural populations in some areas rely on over-exploitation of soils, water resources, forests, etc..
Similarly, the development experienced by Morocco in recent decades in vital socio-economic  areas, including agriculture, industry, fisheries, urban development, infrastructure and tourism, has lead to a negative impact on the quality of the environment that require a heavy financial burdens to be corrected .
in the latest figuress, trends in environmental degradation are estimated at 13 billion dirhams, or 3.7% of GDP.

     Significant challenges must be faced in the current context  to achieve sustainable development that public authorities are trying to access. In this regard, His Majesty King Mohammed VI has ordered the Government to develop a National Charter for Environment and Sustainable Development which has to affirm the right of everyone to live in a healthy environment and to emphazise on the notions of duty to the environment, a duty for both citizen, economic and social actors or those of public authorities

"... We urge the government to draft a  global National Charter for the environment, providing protection to spaces, reserves and natural resources in the process of sustainable development .... "

     This Charter is all the more necessary that Morocco is firmly committed to the process of sustainable development at an international level and affirmed its commitment to work actively for a better management of the environment by signing and ratifying major international conventions and protocols, including those from the Rio Summit. These include Agenda 21, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the United Nations Framework Convention on Biological Diversity, the United Nations Framework Convention to Fight against Desertification, the Convention Ramsar, etc..

     His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s call for the development of a draft of nNational Carter for global environmental, reinforces thedifferent social, economic and cultural measures, which are included within the scope of the process of sustainable development of the kingdom.

     Major societal project, the National Charter of the Environment and Sustainable Development is designed to face the consequences of population growth, the problems associated with major infrastructure worries , the increasing needs for public health and education . It is the best tool to ensure the development and operation of the "common heritage of the nation" in a concept of sustainable development.