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Expected  Objectives of the Charter

      All the efforts of the Kingdom will converge to ensure the success of this vision of sustainable development that will have as a consequence the development of our society, in its current and future, and its well-being, this will be achieved through:

  • A global environmental awareness and an inevitable change of  behavior;
  • A strong commitment of different actors and socio-economic operators;
  • The preservation of the quality of the different components of the national natural and cultural heritage;
  • A social, economic and cultural development to substantially improve the quality of life and health conditions of the Citizen

Thus, several changes may be made in the daily lives of our fellow citizens:

  • Awareness of citizens with a greater  involvement in environmental matters to bring out an "eco-citizenship".
  • Contribution to improving the quality of life (pollution and food safety).
  • Reduction of waste an rubbish and increasing recycling.
  • A better enforcement of law, with additional sanctions.
  • Importance of everyone’s duties of each to protect the environment and repair its.
  • Significance of incentive action modes in environmental policies, their objective which must be to prevent and   reduce all what may cause danger or harm to health and preserve biodiversity and the quality of the natural   heritage.
  • Solidarity between men and territories from a sustainable development perspective.
  • The significance of education, participation, research and evaluation..