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The text of the charter

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The text of the charter
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► Accordingly to Islamic values, that  prompt the human being to preserve Earth and human kind, also that incites environment protection and natural resources preservation;

► Whereas solidarity is one of the most fundamental social values in the Kingdom of Morocco, and it’s an inseparable part of its traditional and contemporary values, and helps to guarantee the individual and collective wellbeing, and for future generations;

► Whereas that human development is inseparable from environmental concerns;

► Whereas the Kingdom of Morocco has a rich natural and cultural heritage, also unique and diverse, it’s an irreplaceable source of life and inspiration, and whose components and characteristics must be protected and enhanced for present and future generations;

► Whereas the Kingdom of Morocco is exposed to natural vulnerabilities that require a sensible management of natural resources and space;

► Whereas the Kingdom of Morocco is constantly undergoing changes which he cannot control the causes and for which he must devote more resources to mitigate its effects, such as climate change;

► Whereas the increasing degradation of natural and cultural heritage is real, and if urgent measures are not taken, an ongoing deterioration of environmental health and quality of life of Moroccans will be the consequence.

      Recalling that the Kingdom of Morocco is fully committed and actively contributing  to the efforts of environmental and sustainable development displayed by the international community, for the implementation of the Rio Declaration, and to the achievement settled by the aim of the Millennium Development goals defined by the United Nations, and South-South cooperation, that he subscribes to several international conventions including those on biodiversity, desertification, and contributes to improving international environmental governance;
     Whereas it should be enshrined in thisCharter rights and environmental obligations and the principles and values of sustainable development so that these rights and values are guaranteed and better protected ,

       Considering that the exercise of responsibilities must be part of the promotion of sustainable development combining social progress and economic prosperity with environmental protection, and in abidance  with the rights, duties, principles and values under this Charter;
     Considering that, even if the achievements of the objectives of this Charter are the responsibility of public authorities, everybody must be aware of its duties, and the corresponding remedies.

Wished for this Charter, been called for by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in the Speech of the Throne 2009, intends to:

♦ Create a new dynamic and reaffirm that environment preservation should be a permanent concern for all Moroccans in the process of sustainable development of the Kingdom;
♦ Remind that purpose, the basic principles of sustainable development and environment, whose implementation is crucial to consolidate all the achievements of the Kingdom;
♦ Define accordingly the individual and collective responsibilities of all Moroccans, so that they mobilize themselves according to their activities.


Article 1.
Environmental rights

Everyone has the right to live in a healthy environment that ensures safety, health, economic growth, social progress, and where natural and cultural heritage, and quality of life are preserved.

Article 2.
Guarantee of Rights

The present Charter guarantees the rights set forth herein.

Article 3.
Environmental Duties

Any person or entity has the duty to protect and preserve the integrity of the environment, to ensure the sustainability of natural and cultural heritage, and improve health and quality of life.

Article 4.

Every person may adress to the competent authority to enforce the rights guaranteed by the measures of this Charter and report any breach of duty and values it containes.


Article 5.
Sustainable development

Sustainable development must be a fundamental value of the Moroccan society
Are also considered as sustainable development values and principles listed in this Charter.

Article 6.
Social progress

Social progress of the Nation is a component of sustainable development and inseparable from the protection of the environment.
It is primarily based on social solidarity, both inter-generational and spatial, on the participationof women in economic, social and political life, on education and training of the young , and the development of Local Authorities.

Article 7.
Preservation and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage

The natural and cultural heritage is a reflection of national identity and must be preserved by taking into cosideration its diversity and its fragility. It must be highlighted to ensures its sustainability.

Article 8.
Education and training

According to the measures of this Charter, education must be through awareness programs, suitable academic background, and training regarding environmental and sustainable development.

Article 9.
Preservation and protection

environment preservation and environmental protection should include normative, preventive, healing and punitive aspects.

Article 10.
The pooling of resources

The government, members of parliaments, local councilors, and private companies, are expected to integrate the environmental component in the planning and ensure a implementation of agreed policies to ensure the protection and preservation of the environment and sustainable development in the exploitation of resource exploitation and the use of the spaces of the country.

Article 11.
Access to Information

Access to environmental information held by any person must be respected to ensure the achievement of the objectives of this Charter.

Article 12.
The participation

The participation to the  decision-making process undertaken by  public and private institutions  concerning environmental and sustainable development is guaranteed by this Charter.

Article 13.
Research and development

Research and development and the dissemination and exploitation of its results, are favored to stimulate scientific innovation and encourage appropriate technologiesto environmental protection and sustainable development.

Article 14.
The responsible production and consumption

Modes of production and consumption must be responsible with a successful economy,  innovative and keen to preserve the environment.

Article 15.

The precautionary approach should be adopted to address environmental and societal  hazards that are insufficiently known, through expertises and immediate actions to better understand the risks and adapt protective  measures.

Article 16.

A preventive approach must be adopted toward the side effects that all activities are likely to bring to the environment.
This approach requires a regular evaluation of the impacts and risks, as well as the implementation of measures eliminating or minimizing them.

Article 17.

Anyone who has caused damage to the environment must assume the damages, compensate victims and, where appropriate, rehabilitate the damaged environment, in accordance with the procedures and conditions of the legislation.



The public authorities are required to strengthen the national legislative and regulatory environmental and sustainable development, and the mechanisms of its implementation, its monitoring and control.
Local Authorities are committed to take concerted actions and decisions that ensure the protection and preservation of the environment in their respective territories.They are also required to develop and implement integrated programs that are able to ensure the sustainability of natural and cultural resources.
Civil society, including non-governmental organizations  are called upon to help support social sustainability and the protection and preservation of the environment.