Reminder of the context

On the occasion of the Feast of the Throne 2010, His Majesty the King urged the Government to give substance to the broad guidelines from the broader consultation on the charter project, as part of an integrated action plan with accurate and objectives feasible in all sectors. He also urged the government to formalize the Charter as a parent act which will provide a reference for public policies of our country regarding environmental and sustainable development and an action plan to operationalize this Charter.

      Thus, the Government has initiated a process of developing the parent act and the integrated action plan to operationalize the Charter, in accordance with the Royal instructions taking into account the recommendations resulting from  the extended consultation process and those of National Council for the Environment.

      As a result of the study to operationalize the Charter that has been conducted, especially based on the guidance given at the Royal Throne Speech of 2010, and recommendations from the consultation, an approach has been presented to make charter operative, and make the protection of the environment the spearhead of sustainable development in the Kingdom, and included in the new niche of eco-development.

    The main goal is to establish an integrated sustainable management of the Environment (SPDE), a real running and management tool willing to , to implement the principles and values of the CNEDD, as part of a gradual strategic planning phase which consists of:

Globally :